Airdrop Strategies to Boost User Activity

Airdrops Types


Full av8tar sets from each rarity will be airdropped. Common Av8tars will not have any attached land, while Rare and Legendary will come together with a land parcel.

Owning land will cumulatively increase the chances of receiving airdrops: the more land a player owns, the greater the chances to receive airdrops.


Power ups will influence the behavior of your Av8tar’s weapons, and eventually other stats as well.


Cosmetics will be designed by the team and be available in limited supply. They will not provide any in-game advantage

Lore-Rich NFTs

Lore-rich NFTs can be any NFT asset with lore in its description. The team of β€œ2d.Miami: Memory Hunters” will regularly use those NFTs for various purposes, to be discovered on the map, or to reveal impactful story bits to players.

Airdrop Conditions

Airdrops will be based on the following user metrics:

  • Amount of Av8tars wallet

  • Amount of Land in wallet (acquired with Rare and Legendary Av8tars)

  • Other types of team-designed NFTs in wallet

  • Score

  • Amount of memory shards (total, collected, submitted)

  • Highest map area unlocked

The following conditions are listed as examples:

Memory Milestones

For every X number of memories collected, players could receive an airdrop of points that can be used to unlock special in-game items or even new story arcs.

Social Butterfly Bonus

Players who engage in voice or text chats with Y number of different players within a week could receive airdropped points or even hidden stories that add depth to the game's narrative.

Land Development Incentives

Players who edit and add significant value to their NFT land (like placing story journals or building structures) could be airdropped points or hidden stories that can be revealed on their land.

Av8tar Holding Incentives

To encourage players to hold onto their Av8tar NFTs, we could implement a tier-based airdrop system:

  • Legendary Av8tars: Periodic airdrops of other Legendary or Rare Av8tar NFTs.

  • Rare Av8tars: Airdrops of points or hidden stories.

  • Common Av8tars: Airdrops of points that can be used for various in-game benefits.

Community Building

To promote group play, we could airdrop points or hidden stories to players based on the number of users present in a parcel owned by a certain user. Note that these parcel ownership NFTs are embedded within each Rare or Legendary Av8tar NFT.

Event Participation

Special in-game events could offer airdrops of points or hidden stories for participation or achievement, rather than creating new NFT types.

Early Adopter Rewards

The first Z number of players to join the game could receive airdropped points or hidden stories, offering them a head start in the game.

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