๐Ÿค–Tech & Unique Features

A Player-Created Gaming Experience

As the player, you are not just the heroes of this story โ€“ youโ€™re also a co-creator. Using 2d.Miamiโ€™s game engine and NFTs you hold in your wallet, you can create sub-branches of the story for other players to experience. Turn the NFT land that you own into a detective story with the help of clues and narrative items, deploy robots within a ruined settlement as a challenge to other players, or create a library filled with snippets of books. Each item and the story it contains is represented by an NFT you create on Arbitrum. You can even sell or transfer these NFTs โ€“ or the entire land parcel NFT โ€“ to other players!

Reality Chain Core User Experience

"2d.Miami: Memory Hunters" is designed to be a part of your online life, online or offline. The game offers various interactions that go beyond the main gameplay loop. For instance, you can build a home on your parcel, complete with an NFT gallery and a YouTube player for visitors.

You can also use your parcel to host online events or display Web2 links to items you sell on your own website or online shop. This aligns with Reality Chain's vision of Metaverses as social experiences that should integrate seamlessly into your daily life.

AI-Driven Coherent Narrative

A game about AIโ€ฆ should have AI in it.

โ€œMemory Huntersโ€ features AI generated lore and storytelling which, while being almost entirely generated by AI (team-vetted), remains consistent with itself and provides a lasting narrative experience.

Players can unlock lore elements by reaching a certain score, getting lore-rich NFTs as rewards, or stumbling upon lore-rich NFTs while exploring the map.

The RealityChain Multiverse

Although โ€œ2d.Miami: Memory Huntersโ€ resides only on Arbitrum, the RealityChain technology allows for blockchain interoperability, connecting different Metaverses within the same infrastructure ecosystem. This means that while your journey starts in Miami Beach, who knows where the multiverse expands next?

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